How Screeners for Covered Calls Transform Worthless Options into Income

Covered call writing is one of the less risky forms of investment. In this strategy, an investor sells a contract for a stock he or she owns. The investor gets a premium for the contract, with an obligation that the buyer can exercise at a later date.  The investor not only gets a premium for selling the call, but can also get back the stock sold if the buyer finds the stock price lower than the strike price. This investment strategy can seem complicated, particularly for novice investors. This is why is offering a top call screener on the market, helping investors more effectively determine the best calls for price and time range.

Barchart’s Call Screener allows users to find the optimum covered calls for their own personal trading strategy. It also helps them choose contracts that are most suited for their portfolio. The screener helps traders generate income from expiring call options.

Call screeners are technical premium products that are valuable for equity option traders. The screener available at has a search button for equity symbols. It also offers profitability calculations, including downside protection, returns if the stock price remains unchanged, and yearly return if flat. Additionally, their screener filters by market and exchange capitalization, enabling users to filter information based on soon-to-be released earning reports in order to enhance downside protection. Users can also filter calls by stocks having the highest dividends.

With call screeners, traders can have a better understanding of the market. This enables them to maximize their trading gains. Call screeners are highly recommended to investors who are motivated to buy covered stocks, as well as those who want to hold on to their shares.

Screeners help investors save time and are easy to use. Some of the best screeners available online have user-friendly interfaces. The pages update immediately, sparing users from the hassle of clicking the search button and waiting for the page to refresh. The bottom line is that screeners make it more convenient for traders to identify candidate-covered stocks and enhance their chances of receiving profits from calls. And has the best screener available. Get thirteen different screeners, including tables for volume leaders, top trading stocks, stocks that have reached their all-time highs or lows, and 52-week highs with your subscription. Start your free 14-day trial now, and experience earning the premium income if options expire worthless. Learn more by visiting

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